Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Matthew Corsham


Matthew’s role is to assist MHE customers streamline their information search and due diligence processes, and improve their productivity. The MHE team provides bespoke online information services, as well as traditional services, to solicitors and licensed conveyancers, drawing on MHE’s long-standing reputation for quality, professional service.

Emma Clout

Director/Accounts Manager, Office Administrator

Emma provides customer service for all accounts related enquiries, helping customers, especially bookkeepers, save time and money on data entry. MHE’s user-friendly accounts system allows clients to integrate information directly into their accounting packages, ensuring no data is missed.

Norman Gatt


Norman’s role is focused on property related transactions, providing specialised services and expertise to improve customers’ productivity. His specialty is problem resolution and assisting customers with their registration processes including satisfying requisitions from the Land Titles Office.

Jeff Hamill


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