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Changes at Land and Property Information

MHE Admin - Friday, June 17, 2016

On 1 July 2016, Land and Property Information (LPI) will separate into five discrete units which will be integrated into the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI): 

  • LPI – Titling and Registry Services 
  • Office of the Registrar General 
  • Spatial Services 
  • Valuation Services 
  • Office of the Valuer General 

Why they are changing 

LPI was formed around 16 years ago to create a government agency with responsibility for land valuation, land titling and registration and surveying, mapping and spatial information. The division has operated successfully throughout this period and many synergies have been created. 

With advances in technology, many manual processes are now digital and there are channels to ensure continued information sharing between the existing LPI units, without requiring the units to be grouped together as one division. 

With this in mind, as part of a scoping study of LPI, the Government has concluded there is opportunity to provide more benefit to the State if the Titling and Registry Services (TRS), Valuation Services and Spatial Services units of LPI are separated and integrated into DFSI. 

Further, the Government has decided to separate the regulatory and operational functions of LPI’s Titling and Registry Services. 

What is changing 

The newly formed Office of the Registrar General (ORG) will oversee the operations of LPI - Titling and Registry Services (TRS) and focus on legislative change and policy administration relating to the conveyancing industry. This area will become part of the Better Regulation division, providing for a consistent approach to regulation across government. 

The split of regulatory and operational functions will enable TRS operations to focus on maximising efficiency, customer service and innovation - improving service outcomes for the conveyancing industry. 

Valuation Services will move into Property NSW and will benefit from synergies with the other units within the division that manage property across NSW. Valuation Services will continue to provide services to the Valuer General under a service level agreement.

The Office of the Valuer General will remain a separate unit reporting to Parliament and the Secretary, DFSI. 

Spatial Services will be integrated into Government and Corporate Services to ensure spatial information is provided to other government agencies efficiently, maximising innovation in this rapidly evolving area of technology. 

The separation was carefully designed to avoid any increase in complexity and the new model strengthens commercial performance, innovation and regulatory oversight. As part of this, a new pricing framework has been introduced. 

You will find more information on the LPI website

Changes to the SIX portal 

To reflect these business changes, LPI is reconfiguring its SIX portal to create three new portals: 

  • LPI – Titling and Registry Services will have a new portal with a new URL 
  • Spatial Services will have a new portal, but will retain the current SIX URL 
  • Valuation Services will have a new portal with a new URL 

With the exception of chargeable land title searches and related products, which from 1 July 2016 can be purchased through Morris Hayes & Edgar, applications and services will remain available through the various portals. 

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