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Changes to MHE fee structure

MHE Admin - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Starting 1 July 2016, there will be some changes to the MHE fee structure, in accordance with changes made by Land & Property Information (LPI).

In particular, we would like to make our customers aware that LPI Searches will increase by at least $1.08 per request. This is a higher increase than anticipated, but the team at MHE are committed to keeping costs to a minimum wherever possible. With this in mind, we are limiting further cost changes to Settlements only.

Land and Property Information fee changes from 1 July 2016

In May 2016 Land and Property Information (LPI) published information about proposed changes to fees. Those changes have now been finalised.

Are fees for all LPI products and services?

The changes apply to fees that depend on the commencement of the following regulations on 1 July 2016:

  • Real Property Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2016
  • Conveyancing (General) Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2016
  • Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2016
  • Strata Schemes (Leasehold Development) Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2016

Fees listed are for products and services involving land titles, property information, and the Water Access Licence Register.

Are the changes to the fees the same as those proposed in May 2016?

No. Pre-examination fees for plans will be lower than initially proposed.

Are there any transitional arrangements?

2015/16 fees will be applied to land title dealings and plans lodged before 1 July 2016 but not finalised until after 1 July 2016.

Are any additional fees payable?

Additional time based fees for investigation of instruments, dealings and plans no longer apply.
Additional fees do apply to some transactions, for example a transfer including multiple easements. Where additional fees may apply,  the fee is listed as ‘minimum’.

View the full list of LPI fee changes.

A personal note from the MHE Directors

Technology has had a major influence on our industry, much of which has been positive. Whilst we believe in technology and harness it to provide information, it is our belief that it cannot intrinsically provide service. This can only come through individuals who have an established knowledge base and the necessary connections to back them up. MHE's staff is made up of such individuals: contemporary, yet traditional in their core values of integrity and service.

With your support of both our traditional and electronic services, we can envision a future in which we will be able to continue to serve the industry to our highest ability. 

Please refer to our full list of fees for more information. 


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