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OSR digital transformation continues

Monday, April 11, 2016   Comments (0)
As recently announced by OSR, effective 1 July 2016,conveyancing documents which are able to be processed on Electronic Duties Returns (EDR), will no longer be assessed at OSR. If you intend to become an EDR Registered Client ensure you are ready to process your documents. Be ready for 1 July 2016 ( For more i ... Read More→

eConveyancing transforms OSR

Monday, March 14, 2016   Comments (0)
Industry announcement: A message from Stephen Brady, Deputy Secretary, OSR The Office of State Revenue is committed to the Government’s target of having 70% of transactions conducted digitally by 2019. One of our digital services, Electronic Duties Returns (EDR), allows authorised agents to process a wide range of Duties transactions from their office. This service also allows solicitors and  ... Read More→