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Hunter Water

In order to use the InfoTrack system you will need to register to obtain access (registration is free).

MHE/triSearch also provides access to online Hunter Water Searches for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) credit card users. These searches include:

  • Conveyancing Certificates (Section 47 Certificates)
  • Service Location Plan Diagrams

Hunter Water credit card searches include:

Hunter Water Conveyancing Certificates (Water Rates)
(Search Fee: $32.73 inc GST)

Conveyancing Certificates, also known as Section 47 Certificates (S47s) provide a Certificate of rates and charges under Section 47 of the Hunter Water Act.

Conveyancing Certificates are sourced from Hunter Water’s Customer Information System (CIS) and are delivered as text documents.

Hunter Water Service Location Plan (Sewer Diagram)
(Search Fee: $35.64 inc GST)

Service Location Plans (SLPs) show sewerage services for a property.

SLPs are sourced from Hunter Water’s Geographical Information System (GIS) system and are delivered in the PNG graphics file format.