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NSW Land Registry Services

NSW Land Registry Services, LPI Property Services, Land Title Searches, Plan & Dealing Images

In order to use the InfoTrack system you will need to register to obtain access (registration is free) or access our PAYG system with costs & services as follows:

NSW Land Registry Services (land titles)

  • Street Address Inquiry
  • Title Search
  • Historical Title Search
  • Water Access Licence
  • Land Value Search
  • Plan Image Search
  • Dealing Image / ie. Transfer of Mortgage Search
  • Book and No Image Search
  • Crown Plan Image Search
  • Cancelled Title Image Search
  • Electronic Notice of Sale

NSW Land Registry Services land titles searches include:

Street Address (Search Fee: $5.50 inc GST)

Street Address Inquiry provides the reference to the current Folio Identifier for most street addresses. Use Street Address if you don't know your Title Reference.

Title Search (Search Fee: $26.24 inc GST)

Title Searches provides an up to date search of a current Folio Identifier.
If you don't know your Title Reference use the Street Address Inquiry.

Historical Search (Search Fee: $26.24 inc GST)

Historical Title Search provides a list of all the dealings and plans ever registered on a Folio Identifier and their dates of registration.

Water Access Licence (Search Fee: $26.24 inc GST)

Provides an up to date search of a water access licence.

Land Value Search (Search Fee: $26.24 inc GST)

The Land Value Search provides property details and valuation information for properties in New South Wales.

Plan Image (Search Fee: $27.39 inc GST)

Plan Images Inquiry provides an on-line copy of a Deposited Plan, Strata Plan or 88B or associated images.

Dealing Image, ie. Transfer or Mortgage (Search Fee: from $26.24 inc GST)

Dealing Image Inquiry provides an on-line copy of a dealing or copy transfer.

Book and No Image Search (Search Fee: from $26.24 inc GST)

Provides Images of Old System Deed Documents.

Crown Plan Image Search (Search Fee: from $26.24 inc GST)

Provides Images of Crown Plan Documents.

Cancelled Title Image Search (Search Fee: from $26.24 inc GST)

Provides Images of pre-automated Cancelled Titles.

Electronic Notice of Sale (Search Fee: $5.50 inc GST)

The Notice of Sale is used by the LPI to notify the local council, water supply authority and relevant rating authorities of changes in ownership of the properties. Legislation requires this form to be lodged in all cases where the registered proprietor name on title changes, including a change of name.

The Electronic Notice of Sale service allows this form to be submitted and viewed online. An existing ENOS can also be viewed and updated if you have the ENOS ID and the Passkey.