Our OSR approved Settlement Room is available to the public at our premises at Level 14, 135 King Street, Sydney.

If required triSearch can:

  • Stamp Contract/Transfer
  • Clear Land Tax
  • Act as your agent on Settlement

New customers

To reserve a time, complete the appropriate booking sheet and forward to us:

  Download Vendors Booking Form

  Download Purchasers Booking Form

Existing MHE Account Customers

Book your settlement online.


Our cost for attending a settlement is $65.00 we can also attend on Settlements outside our offices within the CBD at a cost of $75.00.

Please note there may be other costs involved, e.g. for banking monies after settlement, Land Tax Payments & Clearance of Certificate or Stamping Contract/Transfer.

(Each additional service will be charged at $35.00, to be paid at settlement.)