Terms & Conditions


BETWEEN  Morris Hayes & Edgar ABN 36 092 724 251
(Called "MHE")
AND A User of this System (Called “USER”)
Use of this System indicates acceptance of this Agreement the USER, who will be provided On-Line access subject to the terms of these Terms and Conditions and to the operating instructions.

1.1 MHE will provide 24x7 access and support during normal business hours (9am - 5pm).
1.2 USER is responsible for its own equipment to access the system.
1.3 MHE is not responsible for the accuracy of any information provided by Information Providers whether by reason of corruption during transmission to the Client or otherwise.
1.4 USER agrees to keep its user code and password confidential.
1.5 USER agrees that by using the system they have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
1.6 USER agrees that by using the system MHE is entitled to store and collect user details such as I.P addresses and other identifying information. MHE will store this information securely and will ensure it is not available publicly.

2.1 USER agrees that in respect of data sourced from NSW Land Titles Office and delivered by electronic On-Line supply the USER shall not:
2.1.1 provide that data via On-Line connection to any other party.
2.1.2 using the property information other than for their own internal business purposes.
2.1.3 on-selling, sub-licensing, disclosing or otherwise providing property information in any form to another person.
2.1.4 alter the format, meaning or substances of any of that data so supplied: AND
2.1.5 print that data on paper other than plain paper or pre-printed paper which has been approved in writing by the NSW Land Titles Office.
2.1.6 making copies of the property information other than as are reasonably required for backup purposes, provided that such copies include a proprietary notice and are secured so as not to be accessed or used by unauthorised persons or for any purpose other than backup.
2.2 MHE shall not be under any liability for any delay or error in the search results obtained. The loss or damage caused or may be caused to the USER by the loss of power or any mechanical failure.

3.1 Clicking Buy This Search will charge your Credit Card. The fee's charged will appear on the order page. You acknowledge that you must pay the fee's specified prior to receiving your order. You acknowledge that by clicking the Buy this Search button your credit card will be charged.
3.2 All Fee's are in Australian Dollars. A currency conversion fee may be charged by your bank if purchasing searches in another currency.

4.1 This Agreement shall be applicable to the laws in force from time to time in New South Wales.
4.2 USER may not transfer, assign, lease or dispose of its rights under these Terms & Conditions without the written consent of MHE.
4.3 MHE reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by notice in writing to the user.

5.1 In consideration of the USER operating the system the USER appoints MHE to be their agent for the provision of this service.